Please find below worldwide reference case studies for indoor climate, plumbing and infrastructure solutions from Uponor.

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Sami Kapasen unelmien koti Kuopiossa.
Sami Kapanen's log house, Kuopio, Finland
Sami Kapanen's dream home was built in 2012 on the shore of Lake Kallavesi near Kuopio. The log house is one of the largest private detached houses in Finland. The house required almost four times as much building services material as a normal detached houses.
BLD_Flexible_Pipe_Systems, BLD_Multilayer_Pipe_Systems, Αποχέτευση, επεξεργασίας λυμάτων, Εξαερισμός, Θέρμανση-ψύξη με ακτινοβολία, Υπονόμοι, Εσωτερικά (Χώμα & Αποβλήτων)
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