Intelligent water systems for smart buildings

Introducing Phyn: a new company with a mission to conserve water


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A new joint venture between Uponor Group and Belkin International aims to bring to market smart technologies that enhance water usage in homes and buildings. The new company, Phyn LLC, will develop intelligent water systems that protect buildings from leaks and damages, and help conserve the world’s most vital natural resource - water.

Phyn will focus on advanced technology that monitors and anticipates water systems in buildings. The aim is to make buildings safer while at at the same time reducing costs and water consumption. To achieve this Phyn LLC draws on the combined knowledge of Uponor, a worldwide supplier of sustainable plumbing and indoor climate solutions, and Belkin International, a global leader in consumer technology and the Internet of Things.

“This joint venture is an opportunity for Uponor to expand its expertise in the field of safe and hygienic water delivery. Water conservation will gain in importance as our society prepares for the future. For the first time, smart home technology using the Internet of Things will enable intelligent monitoring and protection of our water supply,” said Jan Peter Tewes, Executive Vice President of Building Solutions Europe at Uponor.

In the past Uponor has invested heavily in the research and development of hygienic drinking water supply systems. The recently launched Smatrix Aqua PLUS system complements the company’s broad portfolio of drinking water solutions by offering compact water rinse stations and enabling continuous monitoring of a building’s water system. This is achieved through the use of flexible temperature sensors that issue warnings via an online portal when hygiene levels are compromised.

In the future it will also be possible to measure water quality online. At the beginning of this year, Uponor took over Finnish company UWater Oy which is currently developing sensors that recognize the presence of particles and germs in the water. On this basis, an early detection system for contamination will be developed.

“The joint venture is perfectly aligned with Uponor’s strategy of growth in the Internet of Things and represents a major step in the digitalisation of our products and services,” said Uponor Corporation CEO and President Jyri Luomakoski. “For Uponor, Belkin is a strong global partner in this field, and our joint target is to develop unique new products for intelligent water supply solutions."

“With years of research, technological advancements and field trials under our belt, we’re excited to partner with Uponor to help accelerate the mass scale commercialisation of this technology,” said Ryan Kim, former vice president of engineering at Belkin and now CEO of Phyn.

The intelligent water sensors and smart technologies developed by Phyn will transform the way consumers use water. Early warning systems will benefit home owners and insurance companies alike by minimising damages and leaks, reducing water waste and saving money. Engineers and technicians, when planning and installing new systems, will have access to invaluable data giving them insight into water usage.

About Belkin
Belkin International, headquartered in Playa Vista, California, leads the market in a vast array of categories including wireless networking, smart home technologies, charging and power products, and accessories for smartphones and tablets. Belkin is the creator of the Wemo® smart home brand and will contribute its global retail connections, consumer insights as well as its expertise in the Internet of Things to the new company.

About Uponor
Uponor, headquartered Vantaa, Finland, brings its expertise in plumbing, professional trade insights, and wholesale distribution channels to the new company. Uponor is a world leader in indoor climate solutions that combine energy-efficiency, innovation and eco-friendly, renewable sources of energy for a wide range of buildings: private homes, commercial and office buildings as well as industrial complexes.

About Phyn
Phyn will be a standalone entity, built on the complementary strengths of Belkin and Uponor. It will help people and businesses implement intelligent solutions that protect buildings, save money and conserve water. Belkin International holds a majority ownership of 62,5% in the new joint venture while the Uponor Group holds 37.5% increasing to 50% at a later stage. Phyn is currently based in Los Angeles with plans to expand to Europe.

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