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Weholite Licence to Tanzania

Uponor Infra Oy and Plasco Ltd have signed a Weholite Licensing Agreement for the manufacture of the Weholite pipe in United Republic of Tanzania.

In addition to Uponor Infra’s own production of Weholite, there are licensees in UK, Iceland, Oman, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Chile, Brazil, France, Turkey and now also in Tanzania.

Plasco is a Tanzanian manufacturer of HDPE, U-PVC pipes and fittings. Weholite production for Plasco will be carried out in their existing facilities in Dar es Salaam.

The Weholite product line, invented by Uponor Infra (former KWH Pipe) in the 1980s, consists of polyolefine pipe, fittings and fabricated assemblies. The structured-wall HDPE Weholite pipe is available in various sizes, with inside diameters ranging up to 3500 mm.

The pipe is used extensively worldwide in low pressure/gravity service applications for drinking water, stormwater, sewage and various other liquids. Weholite fabricated assemblies are designed for special functions, such as manholes, retention tanks and even individual family-sized sewage treatment units for non-urban regions.

The Weholite products are expected to be available from Plasco during the second quarter of 2018.